Ustar creates short, exciting movies in situations where it
is difficult or impossible for consumers to film themselves. It delivers the movies instantly to customers via the web, mobile phones and social networks.

We capture the movie footage from multiple camera angles, we then create the film using our super fast transcoding engine, and we then deliver the film directly to the customer’s mobile phone or computer.

Ustar has created the world's most advanced digital
souvenir production and delivery system.

There are 3 steps to creating a Ustar movie:

1. Capture:
Ustar creates compelling souvenir movies by combining footage from multiple camera angles with sound and special effects. All Ustar products are able to handle multiple footage sources making single shot movies a thing of the past.
2. Create:
We have developed a highly advanced transcode engine, which is able to process footage from multiple sources, add personalization, sound tracks and special effects. Each movie is also branded with the name of the attraction and/or sponsor. To do this we have developed hardware and software powerful enough to process large volumes of movies without creating queues or wait time for the customer.
3. Deliver:
We have created an advanced digital delivery system, which is able to send movies to all digital channels including mobile phones and social networks. We are the only provider in this sector that is able to support the full range of digital channels. USB sticks can be used to provide the customer with a take away souvenir, but DVDs are not supported; they are unreliable, slow and DVD players are rapidly becoming obsolete.
The Management Team
Paul Seaton
Chief Executive Officer
The team is led by CEO Paul Seaton who is a founder of the company. Paul previously founded and ran a digital agency specialising in mobile, which he sold to Ageis in 2008. Paul has over 20 years experience working with new technologies.
Michael Cordell
The Financial and Commercial Director
The Financial and Commercial director is Michael Cordell, who after qualifying as a chartered accountant has acted as both a Financial Director and CEO in a number of companies both privately and publicly owned.