Ustar creates short, exciting movies in situations where it
is difficult or impossible for consumers to film themselves. It delivers the movies instantly to customers via the web, mobile phones and social networks.

We capture the movie footage from multiple camera angles, we then create the film using our super fast transcoding engine, and we then deliver the film directly to the customer’s mobile phone or computer.

The Ustar composite action movie (CAM), creates a single personalised movie comprising the ‘best bits’ of your day at the ‘Park’. Cameras located at specific ‘Excitement Points’ capture movie footage and RFID wristbands identify when you are in shot. At the end of your visit, you simply go to a Kiosk or sales point to view and purchase your movie.

This product has been developed specifically for Water Parks, ski resorts and other mountain sports and was also installed on the O2 Roofwalk during the Olympics. We continue to develop a number of product variants for other industry sectors such as Golf and Zip-wires.

  • Movie length can be controlled and shot duplication can be minimized
  • Waterproof, reusable wristbands developed for waterparks
  • Other identification technologies are available
Examples of: CAM
Zip World