Ustar creates short, exciting movies in situations where it
is difficult or impossible for consumers to film themselves. It delivers the movies instantly to customers via the web, mobile phones and social networks.

We capture the movie footage from multiple camera angles, we then create the film using our super fast transcoding engine, and we then deliver the film directly to the customer’s mobile phone or computer.

The new Ustar interactive movie experience (IMX), combines technology from the film and special effects industries with mobile, web and social networks to create the ultimate digital souvenir.

The system is multi-layered and enables the customer layer to be inserted into a movie creating depth and realism. IMX turns the souvenir industry on its head - the system itself becomes an attraction in its own right by creating a compelling experience with a digital souvenir that meets the demands of today's customers. This product is brand new and another industry first from Ustar.

  • Up to 15 layers supported
  • Advanced chormokey
  • Portable studios available
  • Significant revenue generation
Examples of: IMX
Bristol ZOO
Barclays Ball Kids