Ustar creates short, exciting movies in situations where it
is difficult or impossible for consumers to film themselves. It delivers the movies instantly to customers via the web, mobile phones and social networks.

We capture the movie footage from multiple camera angles, we then create the film using our super fast transcoding engine, and we then deliver the film directly to the customer’s mobile phone or computer.

The Ustar on ride system (ORS) is able to combine footage from off-ride cameras with on-board (Point-of-view and Face cameras) to create the ultimate on-ride movie.

The Ustar Superfast Transcoding Engine ensures immediate processing of movies and eliminates queues, meaning it is ideally suited to high volume rides.

  • HD (720p resolution) quality film
  • Rapid data offload
  • Multichannel movie processing
  • Immediate movie creation
Examples of: ORS
Ring Racer